Rocky Business “A Rebel’s Roar”

Through their spirited live performances, Rocky Business has continually built a reputation as a must-see band in New York’s Lower East Side.  Headed by frontman/emcee Strictly Business and producer/guitarist Jonny On The Rocks, Rocky Business posses one of most distinct sounds ever recorded.  Releasing their highly acclaimed self-titled mixtape and coming off a successful run with their latest mixtape, White People Are Drug Dealers Too, Rocky Business is finally ready to drop their debut EP, A Rebel’s Roar.  Considered their most cohesive work to date, A Rebel’s Roar, is a genre defying array of sound; equally catchy and complex.  A Rebel’s Roar hits stores everywhere March 22nd, 2011 on FrankRadio/Babygrande Records.

PS: Check out the super special bonus track, only available on the digital release.

1.  America

2.  Find Away Featuring  Anton Glamb

3.  Army Of Love  Featuring Telli Federline

4.  Glide

5.  Burning Dust

6.  Ghost House  Featuring Azores

7.  Rocky’s Theme

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  • Diddy

    what happened to “Ready” that song was what got me hooked