Jedi Mind Tricks “Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell”

On their fifth full-length release, “Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell,” Jedi Mind Tricks returned with more of the trademark horror-core aggression they’ve honed to perfection in their four previous albums. Over Stoupe’s theatrical beat landscapes, the crew rolls out an onslaught of violent rhymes and inventive blood-letting. But it’s not just mindless cartoon violence here: Vinnie Paz’s verses paint cinematic pictures of war, oppression, and exploitation that have a chilling resonance in the reality of the early 2000s. Like-minded hardcore MCs Ill Bill, Sean Price, Block McCloud, Chief Kamachi, and R.A. the Rugged Man show up to add some extra flavor to this audio feast.

1.    Intro        (Prod. Stoupe)
2.    Put em in the Grave        (Prod. Stoupe)
3.    Suicide        (Prod. Stoupe)
4.    Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story    Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man    (Prod. Stoupe)
5.    A Blood Red Path        (Prod. Stoupe)
6.    When All Light Dies        (Prod. Stoupe)
7.    Serenity in Murder        (Prod. Stoupe)
8.    Pariah Demise (Interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
9.    Heavy Metal Kings    Feat. Ill Bill    (Prod. Stoupe)
10.  Shadow Business        (Prod. Stoupe)
11.  Triumph and Agony (Interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
12.  Razorblade Salvation        (Prod. Stoupe)
13.  Outlive the War    Feat. Sean Price & Block Mc Cloud    (Prod. Stoupe)
14.  Gutta Music    Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Chief Kamanchi    (Prod. Stoupe)
15.  Temples of Ice (Interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
16.  Black Winter Day        (Prod. Stoupe)

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