Jedi Mind Tricks “Legacy Of Blood”

With violent imagery so rampant in the past decade of hip-hop, the fact that Jedi Mind Tricks’ third album manages a cover shot that actually succeeds in shocking is either impressive or disturbing, depending on your disposition. Same goes for Vinnie Paz’s tougher-than-leather flow that paints pictures of ultra-violence in a way that would make A Clockwork Orange seem almost friendly by comparison. This is hard music for hard times, and it makes no concessions to the blinged-out mainstream on JMT’s left flank, nor the conscious emo-rap on the right. But walking the middle ground, he declares “I don’t want to die anymore/I don’t want to cry anymore/Don’t want to lie anymore…I just want y’all to be dead” on “The Worst,” and it’s hard to sympathize. Producer Stoupe’s minor-key beat suites chime melodically, yet feature tempos just quick enough to keep up with Paz’s manic energy. Guest MCs Des Devious, Sean Price, and Killah Priest keep up nicely with the absolutely stunning rhymes by GZA on both versions of “On the Eve of War.”  This album slays its competitors and continues Jedi Mind Tricks legacy of blood.

1.    Intro        (Prod. Stoupe)
2.    The Age of Sacred Terror        (Prod. Stoupe)
3.    Scars Of The Crucifix        (Prod. Stoupe)
4.    Death Falls Silent (Interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
5.    Saviorself    Feat. Killah Priest    (Prod. Stoupe)
6.    On The Eve Of War (Julio Caesar Chavez Mix)    Feat. GZA/Genius of Wu-Tang Clan    (Prod. Stoupe)
7.    The Darkest Throne (Interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
8.    The Worst       (Prod. Stoupe)
9.    Verses Of The Bleeding    Feat. Des Devious    (Prod. Stoupe)
10.    Beyond The Gales Of Pain    Feat. Sean Price    (Prod. Stoupe)
11.    Farewell To The Flesh (Interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
12.    And So It Burns        (Prod. Stoupe)
13.    The Spirit Of Hate (Interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
14.    Me Ne Shalto        (Prod. Stoupe)
15.    On The Eve Of War (Meldrick Taylor Mix)    Feat. GZA/Genius of Wu-Tang Clan      (Prod. Stoupe)
16.    Winds Devouring Men (Interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
17.    The Philosophy Of Horror        (Prod. Stoupe)
18.    Of The Spirit And The Sun (Interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
19.    Before The Great Collapse        (Prod. Stoupe)

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