CD 1

1.    Blitz Inc.    Feat. King Syze, Vinnie Paz, Esoteric    (Prod. 7L)
2.    Watch Yo Step    Feat. Percee P, Vinnnie Paz, Guilty Simpson    (Prod. Madlib)
3.    Silence    Feat. Outerspace, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. Sake)
4.    Folklore    Feat. Mr.Lif, Dumbtron, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. Batsauce)
5.    Walk With Me    Feat. Gutta, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. Blue Sky Black Death)
6.    The Wait Is Over    Feat. Doap Nixon, Reef The Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. Stu Bangas)
7.    Raw    Feat. Randam Luck, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. Troy K.)
8.    The Fusion Centre    Feat. Canibus, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. R. Dizzy)
9.    The Game    Feat. Apathy, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. Pete Rock)
10.    A Bullet Never Lies    Feat. ILL Bill, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. DJ Lethal)

CD 2

1.    Speak Now    Feat. Apathy, 7L, Esoteric, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. 7L)
2.    Suckas    Feat. Supernatural, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. Panik)
3.    The Omen    Feat. Block McCloud, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. Block McCloud)
4.    Pretty Little Whores    Feat. D-Tension, Outerspace, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. D-Tension)
5.    Told U    Feat. Brooklyn Academy, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. Ruler)
6.    The Killing Fields    Feat. Outerspace, Vinnie Paz, King Magnetic   (Prod. Juan Muteniac)
7.    And Now    Feat. King Syze, Vinnie Paz, Apathy    (Prod. Tut The Instrumentalist)
8.    Brute Force II    Feat. Outerspace, Vinnie Paz    (Prod. Scott “Supe” Stallone)
9.    Urban Gorillas    Feat. Sabac Red, Vinnie Paz, Q Unique    (Prod. Necro)
10.  Liberal Arts    Feat. Vinnie Paz, Canibus    (Prod. Stoupe)
11.  This Is War    Feat. 7L, Esoteric, Vinnie Paz, Crypt The Warchild, King Syze, Planetary    (Prod. 7L)

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