Jedi Mind Tricks “A History Of Violence”

The hardcore Philly vets welcome back supporting lyricist Jus Allah on their sixth studio album. “A Hostiry Of Violence” showcases Vinnie Paz’s trademark apocalyptic imagery combined with Jus’s juggernaut rap flow, top-notch boom-bap production from Stoupe, and DJ Kwestion’s strategically-placed cuts. Stoupe’s interludes–laced with vocals samples from news reports, political speeches, and obscure Hollywood movies–enhance the mood of mounting menace and guest spots from Outerspace, Demoz, King Magnetic, Doap Nixon, and Block McCloud of Brooklyn Academy make this album another relentlessly brutal hip-hop outing from Jedi Mind Tricks.

1    Intro        (Prod. Stoupe)
2    Deathbed Doctrine        (Prod. Stoupe)
3    Deadly Melody    Feat. Block McCloud, Demoz    (Prod. Stoupe)
4    Monolith        (Prod. Stoupe)
5    Those With No Eyes (interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
6    Trail Of Lies        (Prod. Stoupe)
7    Heavy Artillery        (Prod. Stoupe)
8    Séance Of Shamans    Feat. Outerspace, Doap Nixon    (Prod. Stoupe)
9    Geometry In Static (interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
10    Godflesh    Feat. King Magnetic, Block McCloud  (Prod. Stoupe)
11    Terror    Demoz|Jedi Mind Tricks    (Prod. Stoupe)
12    Butcher Knife Bloodbath        (Prod. Stoupe)
13    The Sixth Gate Shines No More (interlude)        (Prod. Stoupe)
14    Death Messiah        (Prod. Stoupe)

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